The IMIS Alumni Association (TIAA), Bhubaneswar

Advisor's Message

Hi Friends!

After a long time, I get immense pleasure in writing to you guys, some lines directly from my heart. Since 1995, the beginning of our IMIS journey, I have been saying time and again in different platforms that our institutional growth can be greately attributed to our Alumni friends across the country and the world. You friends have given us the much needed PAN India strength, among the corporates and management aspiring students. Truly speaking in all my GD/PI presentations, I have found students mentioning some alumni names as they refer to them their very own B-School for prsuing their management and corporate career. We all at the Institute are indebted to all of you for speaking high about your institute and life at IMIS. Honestly Friends, had it not been your support, we would never be able to have IMIS at its present level of development. So a big ‘Thank You’ to all of you for that.

My sincere thanks also goes to the Office Bearers of IMIS Alumni Association, for organizing many events, seminars, workshops etc. in our campus for the present batch of students.

Frienda! Shortly we have planned to organize several Regional Meets at different metro cities to be in direct personal touch with alumni across the country. Hope you all to join us in such meets taking some time out of your busy swork life.

Lastly, I request all my alumni friends to just spare few minutes to log on our ‘Alumni Page’ in our website (, to update your latest personal information.

Kindly feel free to write to me your valuable suggestions for further develpoment of our alma mater-IMIS Bhubaneswar. God bless you and all your family members.

Wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2017.

Dr. K. K. Beuria
IMIS Bhubaneswar

The IMIS Alumni Association (TIAA), Bhubaneswar