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Dr. Surya Dev

Dean (CAD)
Professor (Finance)

  • Security Analysis
  • Portfolio Management
  • Financial Derivatives
  • Mutual Funds
  • Ph.D in the area of Commerce. The topic is "The problems and prospects of mutual Funds in India" under the guidance of Professor Samson Moharana in Utkal University.
  • Completed Master in Finance and Control in the year 1999 from Utkal University
  • Completed graduation from BJB College under Utkal University in the year 1997.
  • Completed +2 Sc. in the year 1994 from BJB College.
  • Completed class 10 in the year 1992 from BJEM School under CBSE board.
  • Dev, Surya and Moharana, Samson (2008) " Fund of Funds: An evaluation of its performance, " The Research network, Vol 3, Issue 2, Sept 2008, pp 5-13.
  • Dev, Surya and Moharana, Samson (2008) " A study on the Foreign Direct Investment in India", Pratibimba Vol 8, Issue I, January – June 2008, pp 29-40.
  • Dev, Surya (2006) " Dertivatives: Valuation and Risk Management", Pratibimba Volume 6, Issue 1, Jan – June 2006 (book review).
  • Nayak, B.K., Dev Surya (2005) "Low bargaining power of labour attracts FDI in India", The ICFAI Journal of Financial Economics, Vol III, No. 5 June 2005, pp 52-55
  • Presented a paper titled "IT entrepreneurship Development in Orissa – A case study on The Freelancers" in the national seminar on the theme "Entrepreneurship and Infrastructure Development" ( sponsored by UGC) on March 12th – 13th 2006, Organised by Department of Commerce, Utkal University.
  • Presented a paper titled " Sustainable Development a panacea for Orissa Economy – A case study of a NGO at Nariso" in the national seminar on the theme "Rural Industrialization and Sustainable Development" jointly organized by Department of Business Administration and KVIC on Feb. 19th, 2006.
  • Presented a paper title " Fund of Funds – The scheme of the future" in the National Conference on the theme" Impact of Economic reforms and Globalisation on Regional development" conducted by Department of Analytical and Applied Economics, Utkal University on 15th and 16th April, 2005.
  • Presented a paper titled "A study on the export pattern of the agricultural products in India from the period 1987-2004" in the National Seminar on "promotion and Management of Agri-business Enterprises" (sponsored by UGC) on march 20th 2005, organized by Department of Commerce, Utkal University in collaboration with Agricultural Promotion and Investment Corporation of Orissa Ltd.
  • Presented a paper titled "Achieving Success in Merger and Acquisitions" in the 27th All India Accounting Conference and International Seminar organized by Utkal University held on Dec 18-19, 2004.
  • External Commercial Borrowings in India in the Post liberalization period.
  • Completed FDP in Management from IIM Ahmddabad 2010.
  • Attended a workshop on Case Methodology conducted by MDI Gurgaon in 2002.
  • Delivered a lecture to students of M. Tech in Utkal University on the Topic "Financial Derivatives" June 2003. Delivered a lecture to students of MFC at VISWASS on the topic "Securities Market – An overview", Aug 2006
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