Institute of Management & Information Science, Bhubaneswar

Secretary's Message

A stone is a stone for all; it is only sculptor who defines it as a living piece. The modern day managers are no less than sculptors, who are entrusted with the task to frame market strategies in the capricious economic conditions to sustain in the competitive market. To render a helping hand to the modern age sculptors, we at the Institute of Management & Information Science (IMIS), take utmost care in mentoring our students so as to suit the corporate requirements.

The guiding principle of IMIS has been to lay the foundation of change in the young minds. The goal here is to transform the management students from being efficient leaders to become leaders of change.

We have a rich intellectual capital comprising industry professionals, consultants, decision makers and subject matter experts. The experienced thought leaders of IMIS leave no stone unturned to inculcate the importance of being proactive and creative among students. The aim here is to bring out the best in each student and make him a corporate ready professional with high integrity and commitment.

IMIS has stood strong over the years because of its resilient conviction to the three core values - Discipline, Leadership and Commitment. These values motivates each member of IMIS family to strive and achieve excellence in every endeavor they aim at – be it education, research, consulting or mentoring and be ready for a continuous development and improvement. The institute vouches on these three essential values and relentlessly works to create professionals with moral leadership and highest sense of social responsibility.

We are confident to continue and nurture managers of tomorrow and achieve our dream of transforming IMIS a journey to IMIS a movement.

H. K. Patnaik
Institute of Management & Information Science, Bhubaneswar