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Course Curriculum

The program will have 39 papers to be covered in Six trimesters. Besides 24 core courses, 10 first elective courses and 5 second elective courses, there will be 2 more courses carrying 100 marks each viz. 1. Summer Training & Report and 2. Dissertation and Viva Voce. After three terms a student is required to undergo summer training for 8 weeks in a designated company arranged by the institute carrying 100 marks. Before the completion of the program a student has to submit a dissertation report on a subject mutually decided by the student and his/her guide carrying 100 marks. During 1st & 2nd terms of study, students are exposed to all core subjects underlying the concepts and practices of management in various organizations and the electives are offered from 3rd term onwards. The areas of electives are:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • HRDM
  • Information Management
  • Retail Management
  • Operations Management
  • Term-I (Core Courses)

    Organizational Behaviour-I (OB-I)
    Business Communication-I (BC-I)
    Managerial Computing (MCG)
    Business Statistics (BS)
    Managerial Economics (ME)
    Financial Accounting (FA)
    Legal Aspects of Business (LAB)
    Marketing Management-I (MM-I)

    Term-II (Core Courses)

    Organizational Behaviour-II (OB-II)
    Business Communication-II (BC-II)
    Selling and Negotiation (SN)
    Operations Management (OM)
    Financial Management (FM)
    Economic Environment of Business (EEB)
    Human Resources Management (HRM)
    Modern Retail Management (MRM)

    Term-III (Core Courses)

    Research Methodology (RM)
    Marketing Management-II (MM-II)
    Financial Market & Services (FMS)
    Business Ethics & Corporate Governance (BECG)
    Advanced Excel for Decision Making (AEDM)

    Term-III (Electives)

    Area : Marketing
    Sales and Distribution Management (SDM)
    Services Marketing (SM)

    Area : Finance
    Retail Banking (RTB)
    Insurance & Risk Management (IRM)

    Area : HRDM
    Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP)
    Learning & Development (LD)

    Area : Information Management
    E-Commerce and Portal Design(ECP)
    Business Intelligence (BI)

    Area : Retail Management
    Retail Store Operations (RSO)
    Visual Merchandising (VM)

    Area : Operations Management
    Service Operations Management (SOM)
    Project Management (PRM)

    Term-IV (Core Courses)

    Summer Internship & Report (SIR)
    Operations Research (OR)
    Cost & Management Accounting (COMA)
    International Business (IB)

    Term-IV (Electives)

    Area : Marketing
    Consumer Behaviour (CB)
    Brand Management (BM)
    Business to Business Marketing (BBM)
    Rural Marketing (RUMA)
    Supply Chain & Logistics Management (SCLM)
    International Marketing (IM)
    Social Marketing (SOM)
    Event Marketing (EVM)

    Area : Finance
    Risk Management in Banks (RMB)
    Security Analysis & Portfolio Management (SAPM)
    Practices of General Insurance (PGI)
    Practices of Life Insurance (PLI)
    Leasing & Hire Purchase (LHP)
    Fixed Income Market (FIM)
    Micro Finance (MIF)
    Treasury Management (TRM)
    Project Appraisal and Financing (PAF)
    Financial Statement Analysis (FSA)
    Commercial Banking (COB)
    Practices Of Health Insurance (PHI)

    Area : HRDM
    Organizational Change & Development (OCD)
    Performance and Competency Management (PCM)
    Compensation & Reward Management (COM)
    Labour Legislation-I (LL-I)
    Strategic HRM (SHR)
    Competency Mapping (CM)
    Leadership & Emotional Intelligence (LEI)
    Role of HR in Knowledge Management (RHKM)
    Labour Economics (LE)
    Counseling Skill for Managers (CSM)

  • Area : Information Management
    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    E-Business (EB)
    IT Strategy and Planning (ISP)
    Software Project Management (SPM)
    Functional Analytics (FAL)
    Problem Solving & Decision Making (PSM)
    RFID and Business implications
    Cloud Computing For Business

    Area : Retail Management
    Retail Customer Services (RCS)
    Mall Management (MLM)
    Category Management (CM)
    Brand Management (BM)
    Consumer Behaviour (CB)
    Enterprise Resource Management (ERM)
    Supply Chain & Logistics Management (SCLM)

    Area : Operations Management
    Supply Chain Management (SCM)
    Total Quality Management (TQM)
    Technology Management (TM)
    Decision Modeling and Simulation (DMS)
    Works System Designed (WSD)
    Operations Planning and Control (OPC)
    Environment and Safety Management (ESM)
    Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)
    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

    Term-V (Electives)

    Area : Marketing)
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)
    Marketing Research (MR)
    Digital Marketing (DM)
    Buying & Merchandising (BNM)
    Product and Innovation Marketing (PDM)
    Marketing and Creativity (MC)

    Area : Finance
    Financial Derivatives (FD)
    Merger, Acquisition & Corporate Restructuring (MACR)
    Corporate Taxation (CT)
    International Finance (IF)
    Mutual Fund (MTF)
    Investment Options & Financial Planning (IFP)
    Entrepreneurship Development (ED)
    Underwriting (UD)
    Insurance Regulation (IR)
    Claims And Settlement (CAS)
    Financial Modeling (FMD)
    Capital Market Regulations (CMR)

    Area : HRDM
    Labour Legislation-II (LL-II)
    Employee Relations (ER)
    New Age HR Interventions (NHI)
    International HRM (IHR)
    Participative Management (PM)
    Industrial Jurisprudence (IJ)
    People Capability Maturity Model (PCMM)
    Occupational Testing (OT)

    Area : Information Management
    IT enabled services (IES)
    Business decision Support System (BDSS)
    Big Data Analytics (BDA)
    Business Modeling Using Spreadsheet (BMS)
    Business Data Networks (BDN)
    Knowledge Management (KM)

    Area : Retail Management
    Buying & Merchandising (BNM)
    Store Planning, Design & Layout (SPDL)
    E-Retailing (ER)
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Integrated Marketing Communication(IMC)
    Retail Franchising (RF)
    Financial Services Retailing (FSR)

    Area : Operations Management
    Material Management (MTM)
    Strategic Operations Management (STM)
    Business Analytics (BA)
    Six Sigma and Lean Management (SSLM)
    Maintenance Management (MNM)
    International Logistics Management (ILM)
    Supply Chain Analytics (SCA)

    Term-VI (Core Courses)

    Corporate Policy & Strategic Management (CPSM)
    Management Information Systems (MIS)
    Dissertation & Viva-Voce (DVV)

    N.B. : Courses in Italics are half credit courses